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About the Airedale Health Foundation


Active Pursuit of Healthy Dogs

We support Airedale and canine research as it applies to protecting and improving the health of the breed and the health of the dog. This can be by monetary support of research grants or by supplying data to researchers as a way to aid their study of disease as it affects the breed and the canine in general.

Networking with All Areas of Canine Interest

We strive to work cooperatively with veterinarians, pet owners, breeders, researchers, and the public on areas such as health education, breeder education, optimizing the pet-owner relationship, health surveys, health
registries. A bridge which will lead to a more well-rounded understanding for everyone.

Support of Breeder and Owner Education

We list current research projects of interest, current progress, and a multitude of resources on health issues in the breed and in the canine in general. We also list recommended reading and information on pertinent seminars.

Charitable Donations Accepted

Donations are tax deductible since AHF is a 501 (c)(3) Foundation.  If desired, a donor may specify which project their donation is to support.  You can also expect communication from our foundation on the status of supported research projects—the status of how your contribution is being put to work! This allows a direct connection to be made between your donation and making a difference in optimizing pet health.
     A donation can be made in memory or honor of your dog.  And we will showcase your pet on a special page on this web site. 

Extensive Advisory Board

-Credentialed professionals in the fields of Canine Health and Genetics who offer guidance toward addressing key concerns.
-Conscientious breeders with proven track records on producing quality Airedales, and who consistently concern themselves with reducing health issues when and where possible.
How The Foundation Started

Start with one...

An Airedale owner contacted us asking us to look into finding a solution to a health issue.  

and add the support of others...

Concurrently, another Airedale owner made a substantial donation toward study of health issues in the breed.  Investigation of how to research issues led to enthusiastic encouragement  from researchers, breeders, and owners on developing a way for health issues to be reported, along with forming a system that could network between health issues and research projects without politics and time-consuming committees and...

Voila: The Airedale Health Foundation was born.