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How to Submit A Blood Sample

Blood Samples Needed for Research and Health Studies!


The Airedale Health Foundation needs your help!

We're working in cooperation with OFA, CHF, CHIC, and the Morris Animal Foundation, along with canine geneticists and veterinarians to collect blood samples from all Airedales for study on mode of disease.

We need blood samples from all Airedales, healthy and affected, for these studies.

And Please remember -No Health Problems with your Dog? Your Dog's Blood Sample will still help the research projects. Below are the links you'll need for instructions on how to submit a sample.

Please follow the links below for more information:

Sending DNA samples
Information for veterinarians
More information on our research
Printable brochure/consent form (pdf)
Health Update Forms
NEW Online Degenerative Myelopathy Health Update Form

 Here are some easier to use addresses for Airedale owners in Europe (Russia and Asia) and Australia:

** European Airedale Owners - Please use the following address for mailing blood samples (And mark the envelope "Airedale Terrier"):

Tomas Bergström
Animal Genetics Laboratory
Dept of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Swedish University of Agricultural Science
Box 7023

**Australian Owners:

Please send your Airedale's blood sample to (and mark the mailing label "Airedale Terrier"):

RMC Gunn B19-504
Regimental Cres
University of Sydney NSW 2006


New Year's Resolution Idea: When you take your Airedale in for his/her annual visit with the vet, remember to ask your vet to collect an extra 5 - 10 mls of blood during the heartworm check and send it along with a consent form to the Airedale DNA Bank. (Forms can be found at www.airedalehealthfoundation.org) Ask your vet if he has a cold pack as well for the mailing envelope and for as little as $10.00, you can mail the tube to the bank, receive contact from the Bank Coordinator and get updates on what researchers and vets are learning in their health studies. Visit www.airedalehealthfoundation.org to learn more about blood sample submission.