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webassets/f_logo.jpgThank you to everyone who cares enough about the future of this wonderful breed and who wants to do something about studying health issues in the breed, in the canine. And we haven’t forgotten that studies in the canine system can help us understand disease in humans as well.
We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information.

Airedale Health Foundation
3815 Troup Highway
Tyler, TX 75703
email: airedalehealthfoundation@yahoo.com

All information will be held in confidence. 
It's about understanding how to improve the health of our breed, not who has the disease! 
Foundation Staff Contact: 
AHF President AHF Event Blood Collection Coordinators:
Laura Post, PhD Diane Schlicht Les Lueck
airedalehealthfoundation@yahoo.com daire@doglover.com redcoat@usfamily.net 
 (903)565-6008 (952)461-5597 (651)430-2937
AHF Vice President:
Suzanne Kubin
AHF Secretary
Danika Maher
AHF Treasurer
David Post, DVM,MS

Airedale DNA Bank:
Michele Perloski
Sample Coordinator
Vertebrate Genome Biology
The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
7 Cambridge Center (6112-A)
Cambridge MA, 02142